Frequently Asked Questions

What products do you offer?

We sell almost every pharmaceutical and medical supply that your facility uses with the exception of controlled substances. Please visit our Products page for more detailed information.

How do you have a product that I can’t get?

Every facility has one primary wholesaler that they order their pharmaceuticals and supplies from on a daily basis. Unlike many facilities that are bound to just one regional wholesaler, we have relationships with a vast network of vendors and suppliers nationwide. As soon as you call us with a product request, we quickly reach out to our large network of vendors and locate what you need!

Have the products been properly stored and handled?

Yes, we are committed to patient safety and excellence, and all we do supports this organizational objective. All our products are stored, shipped, and handled with the highest standards in the industry and according to manufacturer specifications.

How do we setup an account?

You can easily set up an account by calling us at (888) 579-MEDS. Ask to speak with one of our sales representatives. You can also send us an email at and a representative will contact you promptly!

How fast can I receive an order I place with you?

In most cases, we can get your order to you the next morning and even Saturdays if needed. Best of all, every order placed with us includes FREE overnight shipping!